Top 5 Expert Tips To Hang Wall Art

We all know how stressful hanging wall art can be. Nobody wants a wall that is full of potential to be ruined with a bunch of holes or by an unappealing arrangement of pictures. We’ve all had our moments! Thankfully, there are tons of creative solutions from home experts and interior designers that will make hanging artwork so simple. All you have to do is follow these tips and you will be amazed at how great your space will look! Here are the top 5 most reoccurring words of advice from home experts.


Make sure pieces are about eye level.

The goal is just under 60 inches from the floor and 8 inches above couches. Hanging artwork eye level will make the space feel less confined and well proportioned. Once you choose a height you should use it as a center line for all other pieces you hang around it.

Find art that is the right size.


It’s a common misstep to use art work that is out of scale with the room and/or furniture. Most of the time, oversized wall art will look just fine as a focal point in a room. If you are hanging small pictures, try to group them together. For more expertise on this topic, read through this amazing “Wall Art Size” guide by Wayfair.

Color scheme and style is important.

Pay attention to what your style is in the room you are decorating. Don’t be afraid to take a risk though! Add pops color that complements each other or try for a soothing monochromatic look. Remember to be creative and have fun!

Turn your wall into a gallery.


Displaying art in an organized grid works great with photos or paintings that have a similar theme, color, and/or size. You can add elegance with balance and symmetry in a space by hanging artwork in a grid. Your space will look clean and sophisticated! The key is to make sure everything is spaced out properly. 

Mix it up with different pieces.

You can’t go wrong if you hang a large piece in the center and build around it with smaller artwork, but you can also create wonderful asymmetry by staggering different sized pieces. This especially works if you showcase other accessories, like books or light fixtures. 

Also, whenever possible, make sure to support local artists. Check out The Woodlands Art Council for upcoming art events in The Woodlands.