Buying Your Home

Buying a new home, whether locally or across the country, can be a daunting task. Jacci knows this and prides herself in "dealing with the details" of every transaction. 

The team at The Jacci Group will perform a comprehensive search of the area’s available homes meeting your specific criteria and price range, and establish an automatic electronic notification providing market updates on a daily basis. However, until you find your perfect home, Jacci will show you only those that meet your specific criteria. Once you've found it, she will provide data on comparable sales, listings and market trends in the area to ensure the availability of all the information needed to make an informed offer. 

Once the offer is made, Jacci will complete the purchase contract and negotiate with the seller's agent to obtain the best possible terms, and guide the buyer through the inspection process – negotiating specific repairs or a settlement with the seller. Throughout the transaction, Jacci and her team work with the escrow agent and monitor the status of requirements from other parties – inspector, lender, appraiser, surveyor – and provide a list of service providers for utilities, etc. ensuring a smooth move-in! 

When it is time to close the purchase, Jacci reviews the documents for accuracy and attends the closing with the buyer.

Jacci knows the market, other agents and brokers, and uses her extensive network to find and research the home that meets your desires, making the entire process less expensive, less time consuming, and more enjoyable! Let Jacci's experience smooth the path on not only the initial choice of a home, but on all the details that follow, even after move in!

To get started:

  • Consider your resources: How much money are you prepared to invest in a home?

  • Understand financing options: Get prequalified to shop with confidence, knowing that you're looking for a home you can afford with a loan program that will maximize your buying power. Take the time to go through these measures now to make you a stronger prospect when you make an offer.

  • Work with your agent to understand the market: Let Jacci introduce you to different areas, neighborhoods, builders and floor plans to ensure an informed decision.

Don’t forget homework and due diligence. Often finding a home you like is easy, but be sure  to examine the area’s activity and comparable home sales through a complete market analysis so you are able to make an informed and educated offer.

We Did It! With Jacci's team of professionals behind you, guiding you, the process of home buying is enjoyable. From the search, to financing, inspections, market analysis and due-diligence, with the help of The Jacci Group you can be confident in your investment and happy in your new home!


Jacci understands what you need.

Below are just some of the properties she's found for her clients...