Woodlands Relo Group

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Woodlands Relo Group Concierge Relocation Services

Woodlands Relo Group (WRG) is a boutique relocation company providing customized corporate relocation services for companies and their transferees. Utilizing industry knowledge and a vast network of professional partners, WRG works closely with clients to ensure each relocation experience is positive for the entire family. WRG’s personalized concierge service, attention to detail and strong communication with both the corporate client and transferee enables them to effectively manage the entire moving process. 

Woodlands Relo Group is committed to remaining a unique “boutique experience”. By definition, a boutique in and of itself is a small, exclusive business offering customized service. But, providing a “boutique experience” requires much more. WRG believes accessibility for their customers, commitment to providing quality service, and an overall general flexibility allows them to customize their services building loyal, lifetime customer relationships.